The 7 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Hario V60

The traditional craftsmanship helps the vessel retain heat throughout the brewing cycle while spiral ridges encourage a layering of grounds that produces an umami flavor.

Best overall pour over coffee maker

Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is a cross between a French press and a true pour over dripper. While this model is used in the pour-over fashion, it’s actually an immersion brewer (French press). This means you don’t need a gooseneck kettle and you can pour the hot water all at once — no technique or finesse required.

Best pour over coffee maker for beginners

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker 8-cup

If you’re hosting guests, the sculptural vessel is a wonderful kitchen centerpiece. Its wood collar accentuates the unique shape and allows you to safely pick it up when hot. For entertaining, the 8-cup dripper capacity is optimal for making larger brews because you can cover and refrigerate any leftover for reheating later.

Best pour over maker for experienced brewers

Yield Pour-Over Glass Coffee Carafe

If you’re searching for an eye-catching pour over maker that isn’t as recognizable as the Chemex, try this beautiful borosilicate glass model from Yield. Despite its delicate appearance, the material is resistant to thermal shock and retains heat superbly. The dripper-carafe combo conveniently becomes its own serving vessel when you remove the filter after brewing.

Most versatile pour over maker

Fellow Stagg  Pour-Over Dripper

The Stagg X has a bump pattern with ten small holes designed to brew consistently and prevent clogs. You can expect a flavorful cup thanks to the dripper’s steep slope, which boosts extraction by increasing coffee-to-water contact.

Best pour over maker for consistency

For some coffee drinkers, a quick cup takes precedence over a flavorful cup. But if you’re in it for more than a caffeine fix, pour over coffee offers a brewing method that brings unique and complex flavor notes to your morning routine. The Coffee Folk founder James Hyslop describes pour over as drip coffee brewed manually, but much less forgiving.

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