3 Boot-Season ‘Fits for Any Occasion

9-to-5 and Beyond Look: Blundstone Dress #1900

It’s that exact combination you’ll need to weather your commute, stay comfortable all day in the office, and then step out for happy hour or a date in the evening.

Urban Exploration: Blundstone Classic 585

The Blundstone Classic 585 delivers it in spades with an ergonomically engineered toe spring and heel cushioning system that absorbs 90 percent of the impact as you walk.

Weekend Escapes: Blundstone All-Terrain #2055

The Blundstone All-Terrain #2055 has you covered with a trail-ready Vibram® outsole equipped with grippy treads that actually clean themselves.

It’s that time of year when people love to generously describe the weather as “crisp,” which means it’s time to bust out the boots. In this season of fickle wind chills and necessary layering, variety and versatility are to be prized. Below, we’ve outlined three looks befitting various fall scenarios, each anchored by one of our favorite Blundstone chealsea boots. If that name rings a bell, it’s because the 152-year-old Australian company’s timeless Chelsea boots have long been a sturdy and stylish go-to. Today, there are more ways to style them than ever before.

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