The 20 Most Interesting Vodkas to Enjoy


A female-founded and owned spirit, it’s crafted in collaboration with Myer Farm, one of the oldest and largest currently operating organic farms in the Northeast. Drink: Their first release is triple distilled and very soft on the nose. And the corn really shines, giving this a creamy mouthfeel with a hint of pepper at the end.

Optimist Botanicals

These are alcohol-free botanical spirits (crafted by a master distiller) inspired by their Southern California origins. Serve with tonic and club soda, the three flavors here (bright, fresh, smokey) are gentle but flavorful. Drink: The “Bright” release is your citrus-y, lemon-y vodka alternative.


While you might know House of Suntory more for their exceptional Japanese whisky, the company also makes an excellent gin, as well as this vodka, crafted from 100 percent white rice and filtered through bamboo charcoal. Drink: No surprise, Haku is soft and clean, and works wonders when paired with spicier foods.

Air Co.

Science for the win. This Brooklyn-based distillery is turning excess carbon into a really, really nice (and carbon negative) vodka. You can read about their scientific process here. Drink: Their flagship product is clean, crisp and works great in a martini.


Vodka with subtle nuances of … Bulgarian Damascena Roses? This recently launched female-owned brand won the best flavored vodka at the 201 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Drink: The floral notes of Rosa’s first and only release offer a subtlety that most flavored vodkas should heed.

Kástra Elión

Like a dirty martini? Hailing from a family-owned brand, this is the first premium vodka distilled from Greek olives. Drink: Admittedly, the final product is actually not that olive intense, but offers buttery, sweet and pepper/spicy notes.

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