18 Best Fisherman Sweaters for Men, Because We’re All A-Listers at Heart

L.L. Bean Signature  Cotton Fisherman Sweater

Fisherman sweaters wear in immaculately, which is why they often come with hefty price-tags. Here’s a more approachable option from a brand that rarely misses, with all the old-school class of a daring JFK Jr.

Abercrombie & Fitch Cable Crew Sweater

It may not be the warmest, or the most durable, but at just $30, Abercrombie’s Cable Crew Sweater is an absolute steal.

Howlin’ Blue A Winter Affair Cardigan

Best described as Prince Charming meets Scandinavian oarsman, Antwerp-based Howlin’ has struck gold with this knit cardigan, a love letter to their Irish origins.

NN07 Bert Cable-Knit Rollneck Sweater

Name a chicer way to cover your neck. We’ll wait.

Thom Browne Stripe Trim Cable-Knit Crewneck Wool Sweater

Even the greats couldn’t have dreamed of the heights the lowly fisherman sweater would reach in the hands of CFDA-lauded Thom Browne.

Filson Wool Fisherman’s Sweater

The chonkiest of sweaters, for the bold and cold.

While the fisherman sweaters of today often opt for more comfortable wool or cotton blends, the same qualities that made the garment so desirable over a hundred years ago — warm, hardy, chunky — remain as relevant as ever. And while the style has been majorly moored to the metropolitan, its robust origins make it more than a match for bitter winter days.

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