A 5-Star Hotel Concierge on What to Do, See and Eat in Beverly Hills

Abbas Golestani has worked at the "Pink Palace" since the '84 Olympics

Exterior of the Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel is an icon, so we got in touch with its longtime concierge.

By Caitlin White

For over a century, the Beverly Hills Hotel has fascinated locals and international visitors with its impeccable service and celebrity cache. Dubbed “The Pink Palace,” the hotel — with its pastel facade — is just as recognizable as Rodeo Drive or the golden Beverly Hills sign itself. 

Concierge Abbas Golestani has guided visitors through the gates at this Dorchester Collection gem since the last time the Olympics came to L.A. “I was offered a part-time concierge job during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles,” Golestani tells InsideHook. “Now, I’ve worked for 30 years at the hotel.” He says this modestly, as if holding down a gig coddling some of the most demanding clientele in the world for decades — including amid a global pandemic — is an easy feat. 

Few people know what’s worth seeing in and around Beverly Hills better than Golestani, which was why we called him up to get all his tips and tricks. If Delilah, a little-known rose garden, and the Bradbury Building weren’t on your list, they will be now.

InsideHook: Where can I get a cup of coffee near the hotel and go for a good walk?

Abbas Golestani: At Alfred Coffee at 490 North Beverly Drive. Enjoy a walk on Beverly Drive north of Santa Monica Boulevard in the residential part of Beverly Hills. Every street has a different type of tree planted with gorgeous homes.

What’s a restaurant where only locals go? 

The Fountain Coffee Room.

Where should I head later on? 

Polo Lounge, Bootsy Bellows club on Sunset Boulevard or the rooftop at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood.

Where should I go in the area for a day spent outside?

Santa Monica Beach to enjoy beach activities, biking, shopping, dining and the ocean.

Pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel
Courtesy of the Dorchester Collection

Where’s a good spot to snap an Instagram-worthy photo?

The Hollywood Sign from Griffith Park, or our signature red carpet at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

What’s a lesser-known cultural institution worth visiting?

The Rose Garden near USC Campus in the Natural History Museum’s courtyard.

What’s a cool architectural site that’s not mobbed with tourists?

The Bradbury Building. It’s still beautiful more than 100 years after the 1893 opening with a light-filled Victorian Court, open cage elevators and marble stairs. It’s one of the most photographed buildings in Los Angeles.

What’s the best thing you can only get in Beverly Hills?

Bagels at Nate ‘n Al’s Deli on Beverly Drive.

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What’s the best thing you can only do in Beverly Hills?

Shop on Rodeo Drive and the Celebrity Homes Tour.

What’s something that tourists tend to do that really annoys locals?

Drive too slow.

I’m looking for a low-key brunch. Where to?

Eveleigh restaurant with lovely views off Sunset Blvd.

Best place to eat outside?

Elephante restaurant on Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica with beautiful ocean views.

Finally, what’s the best book to read about the area before I come? 

The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: The First 100 Years.

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