The Toys of Summer

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  • Speed Demon

    This right here ain’t your average buggy. Crafted by the British speed demons behind the built-to-order Atom race car, this baby runs on 235 bhp at 7,200 rpm — getting you from 0 to 100 mph in 8.7 seconds and chewing up the roughest terrain you can throw at it with aplomb.  

  • Street Style

    Badass (n.): A word befitting this custom bike, a street art-inspired rework of a 2011 Sportster Forty-Eight 1200. Now with higher rear shock, two-in-one exhaust and an aggressive forward stance.

  • Speed Skate

    There's no better way to cruise around this summer. This high-tech longboard can reach speeds of up to 22 mph and travel up to seven miles on a single charge. Bonus: weighs only 15 lbs.

  • From Our Partner

    Time Keeper

    Clean, modern, industrial aesthetic. Elegantly stratified time markers that progress from hour to second to fractionals as your eye moves from dial to bezel. Count ‘em: six tiers of bonded stainless steel. And four handsome finishes, including the gunmetal black and red seen here.

  • Tool Time

    Deemed “the toolbox of the future,” Coolbox does everything. Everything. It’s a toolbox with speakers, power outlets, tablet stand, white board, clock, beer opener and LED lights.

  • Pretty Fly

    Fly fishing is going minimalist, which is good, because carrying bags and bulging vests was getting old. Topo Designs’ Tenkara Rod is a step in that direction, reducing your load down to a 12-foot medium-action rod (no reel: tenkara is a different form of fly fishing). Comes in a hip bag that neatly stores several dry flies and a leader wallet to help keep your line wrapped neatly.

  • Hangin' Around

    They call ‘em the “synthesis of geodesic domes and zonodehral polygons.” We call ‘em the world’s most comfy hanging lounge chair, perfect for swinging away your summer days, indoors or out.

  • Chop Shop

    Easy to ride. Fuel efficient. These choppers — reimaginings of Honda CT110s with names like “The Pinko Bastard” and “Post Mortem,” — are themed remakes of the utilitarian Postie bike. Perfect for the urbanite who wants to travel in style.

  • Seaworthy

    One-hundred and sixty-four feet. Twelve-person jacuzzi. Six cabins. Four jet skis. King-size beds. Private sun decks. An outdoor cinema. Annnnnd only $250,000 a week to charter.

  • Hover Craft

    A drone that goes anywhere you want, takes ridiculous HD video and never gets lost. There’s 18 minutes of flight time and 1,000 feet of altitude to work with, plus a 4K camera that rotates 360 degrees. And the Inspire automatically avoids illegal airspace (like airports) and returns “home” if it goes out of range.

  • Carbon Copy

    This hand-built collab from a famous South African bike builder and a bespoke components guru for Porsche is a beaut. Tri-spoke carbon wheels. Steel frame. And only 10 available.

  • Tinker Tailor

    Remember Tinkertoys? Pinewood Derbies? The thrill of building something actually built for speed? Infento is that for your kid. They get to actually ride what they build: bikes, sleds, wheelbarrows. Take it apart and build something new. Plus you get to help and pass along a love of creative thinking. Time well spent, old man.

  • Mod Style

    The styling’s retro, but everything else about this camper is thoroughly modern, from its super lightweight materials and solar paneling to the Bose stereo system and modular interior, allowing you to haul gear or set up a “mega bed” (sleeps five) with equal ease.

  • Tanks a Lot

    Originally designed as a high-speed super tank for the military, the "Ripsaw" is the fastest dual-tracked vehicle ever created, and now available to the public in a limited production run. Beefy tread boasting 600 diesel horsepower coupled with a super-tech luxury interior makes this just about the closest you’ll ever get to driving the Batmobile.

  • Fast and Furious

    The kind of supercar you’d debut at the Cannes Film Festival (as a prototype was, way back in 1997), the recently released Koenigsegg ONE was produced in a limited edition of six and goes from 0-186 mph in under 18 seconds. Runs on biofuel, too.