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Person in Jetpack Spotted Near LAX “Again.” WTF?

The FBI is investigating a second jetpack incident in less than two months


An FBI Agent's Memoir is Declassified, 9 Years After Publication

A new edition of Ali Soufan's "The Black Banners" is out soon


FBI Raids Home of YouTuber Jake Paul

Paul was not home at the time of the raid

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Could You Pass the FBI's Official Fitness Test?

The FBI recently released their own training app. We put it to trial.

News & Opinion

FBI Classifies “Deep State” Conspiracy Group as Terrorism Threat

QAnon is given as an example of a group of “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists"


FBI Launches Fraud Investigation Into World of Baseball Card Collecting

Collectors may have cards worth much less than the price they were bought for


Fingerprinting: How Studying These Unique Patterns Forever Changed History

A cousin of evolution theorist Charles Darwin created the first fingerprint classification system.


When an FBI Agent Gets Too Close to a Crooked Source

Justice investigators went looking for some bad behavior, and they found it.


How the FBI Blew Their Own Cover in a Counter-Terrorism Sting

The agency made a "stupid mistake" days before a potentially deadly attack, court documents show.