Making the Case for Todd Snyder + Champion, the Coziest Sweats You Probably Don’t Own

Don't sleep on the long-running sweats collab (but maybe sleep in them)

a collage of models and apparel from the Todd Snyder + Champion collection on a gym background

Nearly 10 years on, Todd Snyder x Champion are still the best sweats you can buy.

By Paolo Sandoval

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Recommending sweatpants as a men’s lifestyle publication is incredibly tricky. On the one hand, fall (read: cozy season) is upon us, and we want to deliver you the hottest, most up-to-date intel on the best apparel currently available for the season. On the other, we’re staunchly anti-slobbiness, and, even in a world of mass athleisure, the margin for sweatsuit error is high.

We at InsideHook have put our massive brains together and concluded that, in good conscience, the only serviceable way to help you indulge in the fleecy comfort you so desire is to direct you toward Todd Snyder + Champion. They’re both names that you should recognize — the former in its capacity as stop numero uno for all things menswear, the later as a century-old athleticwear powerhouse. And, as you may or may not know, they make some of the finest sweats know to man.

Todd Snyder + Champion, 10 Years Running

Todd Snyder + Champion is in no way a new thing, over a decade out from announcing the partnership with Champion as a then-relatively unknown menswear label, Todd Snyder is still pumping out sweats (and remains a perennial inclusion in our expert recommendations). These are not some shit quality poly-blends; in typical Todd fashion, the collaboration leans on discerning design and heritage construction for premium, oft-tailored host of stitched hoodies, warm-up shorts and the odd short sleeve sweatshirt that skew luxe over louche.

Todd Snyder + Champion’s latest, the relaxed collection.
Todd Snyder

Unimpeachable Quality

Name recognition aside, we’re not asking you to just trust the words of an internet rando. The quality is etched into the product itself; Todd Snyder + Champion’s latest collection is cut and sewn at a family-run Toronto factory using heavyweight (we’re talking 12-20 oz. here, big boy stuff) jersey and French terry and finished with double-needle stitching and luxe detailing. Enough proof for ya?

There you have it; sweats that’ll earn you the thumbs up from style editors and your girlfriend alike. Have at it, pal. We’ve even offered up a decagonal of our favorite designs from the Todd Snyder + Champion collection, each better for downing popcorn and crushing Sex and the City than the last. Peruse to your heart’s content — just make sure you actually invest in some nice sweats.

When we say that Todd Snyder + Champion just keeps getting better, this is what we’re referring to. The partnership’s latest hoodie checks every single one of our boxes, from a 20 oz. heavy cotton fabric to relaxed, vintage-inspired cut to a sturdy double-layered, drawstring-free hood that holds its shape beautifully.

Sure, we could point of the contrast collar, heavyweight knit or double-needle stitching. But you already added this bad boy to the cart, didn’t you?

Who said joggers have to be lazy? These midweight slims are practically tailored, and crafted from a 100% cotton french terry for full comfort-meets-coffee shop action. Enjoy the elasticated cuffs, slash pockets, and a cotton herringbone tubular tape drawstring.

We’re not price-blind — Todd Snyder + Champion, excellent as it may be, will often run you a pretty penny. That’s why we encourage you to snag the gear when it hits sale. This Athletic Dept. knit is a prime example of what we might call a steal.

Hoodie and shorts weather *insert drooling face emoji*.

Bruce Lee cut, Bruce Lee color — we’re about to one-inch punch our way to a full collection of Todd’s drapey short sleeve sweatshirts. Perhaps you should do the same?

Sweats are sweats, but we won’t deny the shades of Thom Browne in these sleek sweatpants. They’re cut relaxed, and feature interior drawstrings to ward off anything that might intrude on your calf space. We’re not endorsing the sweatpant bar crawl, but….

Care to rock a blanket this fall? Look no further that 16 oz. of fleecy zip heaven, dawg.

Another new entrant to the Champion capsule, this heavyweight tee isn’t boxy so much as relaxed. Less H&M and more vintage ’80s wrestling tee you scored at the thrift. The quality’s there, with 1×1 ribbing at the collar and a 12 oz. heavyweight jersey weave, as is the construction — cut and sewn out of a family-owned factory in Toronto, it’s the real deal.

At ease, solider. They’re just sweatpants, after all, no matter how cozy their 20 oz. French terry weave may be.

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