The Best Men’s Winter Coats

Every style. Every price. Every temperature — covered.

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Here’s a little secret: Despite the fact that most men’s magazines and websites published their features on winter coats roughly three months ago, it is still very cold outside and, in many parts of the country, will be for yet another three months. So as far as we’re concerned, we remain very much in the thick of winter coat-buying season.

And another secret? Despite all those “Last Minute” gift guides everyone’s been publishing for what seems like weeks already, there is, as of this writing, still plenty of time left for buying presents. Perhaps more importantly, though, there is still plenty of time left for you to tell other people what to buy you.

Which is why, below, you’ll find 50 of our favorite jackets and coats, broken down into six style categories and arranged by price, from lowest to highest.

Stay warm out there. 

Everlane Short Parka Coat

The Best Men’s Parka: Everlane ReNew Long Parka

Insulated with recycled synthetic insulation with a waterproof shell and a hood, this is the consummate parka and a winter coat this will keep you warm no matter what. waterproof and hooded. Wear it with virtually anything from jeans and boots to a full-on suit.

Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Camel Topcoat

Todd Snyder Italian Wool Cashmere Camel Topcoat

Cut like a suit jacket and intended to be worn over one this top coat is made of wool and falls to right above the knee. Wear it with a suit, obviously. It’s also perfectly acceptable dressed down with crisp dark jeans and some Chelsea boots.

Alpha Industries MA-1 Hooded Bomber

Alpha Industries MA-1 Hooded Bomber

Short and zippered, with a tight-fitting elastic waist, this jacket is a casual option, but we think it pairs nicely with some nice medium-gray flannels, a white dress shirt and a solid-color tie with some texture to it. The NASA branding is classic, too.

Schott Classic Melton Peacoat

Schott Classic Melton Peacoat

With a double-breasted front, a large, sturdy collar,  oversized buttons and high side-pockets with nearly vertical openings this peacoat is perfect. We like it dressed down a bit—think well-worn denim, a crew-neck sweatshirt and some nice, clean Ones.

The Best Men's Duffel Coat: Gloverall Classic Original Winter Coat

Gloverall Classic Original Winter Coat

The most defining charactaristic of a duffel coat is the toggle closures often made of some combination of leather and wood. Wear it with jeans, your favorite boots, an OCBD and a shawl-neck sweater. 

Uniqlo Seamless Down Parka

Uniqlo Seamless Down Parka

Stuffed with down insulation and covered in a nylon shell, puffy jackets are no longer just reserved for cold weather hikers.

Golden Bear Shearling Trimmed Wool Coat

Golden Bear Shearling Trimmed Wool Coat

Traditionally shearling jackets have a suede outside with fur on the inside, collar and lapels. They’re often absurdly expensive, but this one from Golden Bear is more reasonably price. We wear ours with Often absurdly expensive. We wear ours with something clean and simple. Best not to have anything competing with the shearling.

Patagonia Nano Air Light Hybrid Coat

Patagonia Nano Air Light Hybrid

Whether your’re hiking or just on a cold weather run, the Nano Air Light Hybrid jacket will provide a thin insulating layer that also breathes to release warm air generated by your body.

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