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Articles from October 2018 Nation

This Carbon Fiber Dodge Charger Weighs the Same as a VW Beetle
Yes, Hyundai and Kia Are Really About to Slap Solar Panels on Their EV’s
This Is the Best Political Ad of the Year, So Of Course It’s Fake
Back to School: Nearly 200 Colleges Just Dropped 600 Free, Self-Paced Online Courses
Alpine Hotel
Muse Meditation Headband
Built to Spill
Kind of a Big Deal: November 1st

Brexit UK Airport Americans Perk
Trailer to Cabin in Under Ten Minutes? Meet the Optimus Prime of Campers.
This Ann Duvernay-Directed Netflix Doc Will Be the First Worthy Prince Tribute
Kansas City Just Put a Cheeky, Modish Hotel in an Old Pabst Brewing Warehouse
Sleep Around
Kind of a Big Deal: October 31st
The Olsen Twins’ New Menswear Line Nails the Essentials, Loves Cashmere
Watch This Guy Open a Locked Door by Blowing Vape Smoke
La Reserve
Holiday House Geographic Model X
Fighting Spirit
Kind of a Big Deal: October 30th

There's An Igloo in the Bolivian Salt Flats With Your Name On It
RCL scrape four senior executives sabbaticals
Mil-Spec’s Latest Hummer Launch Edition Could Probably Eat a Tank
Hawkeye Control IOS Device With Eyes
Best Made Co. Mallmann Grill
Colorado Summit Teardrop Trailer
Leg Work
Kind of a Big Deal: October 29th
Wait, Dyson Is Making Electric Cars Now?
Tock of the Town

Skilling Time
North Focals

Staff Picks: October 26nd
Kind of a Big Deal: October 26th
You Can Bring Home an Animal From This Animator’s Chromatic, 3D-Printed Zoo
This Document Proves Einstein Was a Very Good Tipper
This Bluetooth-Paired Ping Pong Table Will Feed You 120 Balls a Minute
Countertop Chef
Kind of a Big Deal: October 24th
Zerobnb Is Your One-Stop Repository for Airbnb’s Most Sustainable Listings
Girls Girls Girls
16 Women on What Halloween Costumes They Do (and Don’t) Want You to Wear
The Cabin Concepts for Boeing’s New Business Jets Look Like a Fancy WeWork
Zero Motorcycles’ 2019 All-Electric Lineup Is Fluent in Badassery
For Sale: The Willys Jeep That Won the War, Spent Time in Steve McQueen’s Garage
Ice Cabins
Electrify Your Honda Cub With Shanghai Motors’ DIY Conversion Kit
A Lust Cause
Kind of a Big Deal: October 23rd
This 'Next Generation' Condom Promises Lubricant for 1,000 Thrusts. So, Yeah.
RCL Scrape Dan Aykroyd
Launching a Boat Is Now a One Man Show, Thanks to This Electric Amphibian
You Can Chuck J.Crew’s Newest Suit in the Wash. Seriously.
Kyocera Credit Card Phone
5 Airbnbs for Your Weedcation in the Now Legal Great White North
Deep Cuts
Kind of a Big Deal: October 22nd
RCL scrape Ferrari Station Wagon
The Pros and Cons of Buying the New $31K Tesla Model 3
It’s Over. Food52 Just Designed the Perfect Cutting Board.
Your Guide to Sporting Bradley Cooper's 'A Star is Born' Duds
Zachary Prell
Floating Lodge
The Famous Zion Narrows Are In Danger, Thanks to Soul-Sucking Bureaucracy
An Electric Pickup Truck With Land Rover Styling. Where Do We Sign Up?
Journey to the Center of the Hearth
Staff Picks: October 19th
Kind of a Big Deal: October 19th
Morgan Motor’s Blowing Out the Candles on 110 With Some Snazzy New Roadsters
The Guys Who Make Treehouse Tents For Your Car Are Back, Better Than Ever
An Ex-CIA Agent on the One Book to Buy Before You Travel
BMW’s New X7 SUV Checks the Boxes: Big, Brisk and Built in America
A Richer Pour
Kind of a Big Deal: October 18th
RCL scrape horror movies
The Planet Pass Is a ‘Ski Pass’ for Fighting Climate Change
This 3D-Printed, All-Electric Motorcycle Cranks Up to 120-MPH
Americans Can Now Order Hoversurf’s Hoverbike. But Should You?
Kind of a Big Deal: October 17th
DSTLD Travel Hoodie
Hugh Hefner’s Personals Are Up for Auction … And Yes, Everything’s Been Washed
The ‘Fisherman’s Jet Ski’ Does Exist, and It Is Glorious
This Half-BBQ Grill, Half-Wood-Fired Oven is the Stradivarius of Outdoor Cookers

Fisher Space Pen
Music to Your Ears
Kind of a Big Deal: October 16th
Hyatt Just Acquired 85 of the Most Stunning, Remote, Exotic Hotels on Earth
This Cobalt Blue Honda Moped Goes by the Name of ‘Wild Horse’
RCL scrape madrid dry martini
This Ancient Swiss Town is Down to 12 People. So It’s Turning Itself into a Hotel.

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