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Articles from October 2016 Nation

Paris Is Getting Flying Water Taxis and We’re a Wee Bit Jealous
What We Know: It’s Got Four Sides and They All Look Pretty Sharp
Zika for Dudes
Foldable Screen
Nube Stratos Camping Hammock
Qantas Econ
Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume Was a Treat Six Times Over
Meet the Electric Sports Car That Plans to Spark Competition with Tesla
You Can Legally Hack Your Own Car
Cheese Grotto
David Brown speedster
Watching Formula 1 Pit Teams Work Is Poetry In Motion
Car Furniture
Culture Hound
Delta Deal
Solar Powered Light Socket
Kind of a Big Deal Nov. 1
Take This Movable Prefab Cabin Wherever You Want to Go
The Hotel from “The Shining” Is Hosting a Horror Film Festival
Mustang GTT
Watch a Boxer Knocks Out a Rival Then Go After His Cornerman
Men Are Too Big of Babies For Birth Control, Study Finds
Mini Magic Bus Trailer Looks Like It’ll Be a Big Deal
Victoria's Secret
A Bulletproof Land Cruiser Would Be One Way to Take the Kids to Soccer Practice
Best Buds
Alfa Romeo Wagon
Fear SNL
Kind of a Big Deal Oct. 31
Your Office Would Be So Much Better If It Were an Electric Van
Tesla’s Competitor Just Revealed Their Secret Weapon

Heavenly Co-Working
The Newest Painkiller to Hit the Market Is Virtual Reality
Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle
The 10 Gnarliest TV Scenes
Sausage Bacon! That Is All.
Zika Travel
The Electric Skateboard of The Future Just Rolled Into Town
Imagine Watching "Titanic" at This 230-Foot-Long Superyacht's Outdoor Cinema
Least Reliable Cars
Shoes Wisely
Kind of a Big Deal Oct. 28
A NES Controller Coffee Table Would Really Tie the Room Together
Floating Home
Danny DeVito Curmudgeons
Shawl Collars
Fifth Element Gun
Rob Gronkowski Could Be Your Next Lyft Driver
Valemont Skiing
If You Finish the World's Longest Pub Crawl, We’ll Buy You a Pint
Why You Should Get a Pedicure
Pirate Party
Maserati No Reserve
We Promise, You Are Actually Looking at a Motorcycle from This Century
Sharing Pictures and Group Video Chats Just Got Way Easier
These Dads Made the Best Costumes for Their Kids
First Date With: Brook Power
The Swell Knife
Kind of a Big Deal Oct. 27th
This Scooter Might Actually Make It Worth It to Ride a Scooter
Scrotox Surgery Can Keep Your Plums from Shriveling into Raisins
The Best 8 Razors Money Can Buy

NatGeo Mars

Can Your Flashlight Fry Eggs Like This One? Didn’t Think So.
Seven Best Hair Products for Men
The Future of Entertainment Could be Netflix and Pills, Hallucinogenic Ones
Oak Street Bootmakers
Video Indicates Broing Out About Car Chases Is a Thing Now
No Free Booze in Vegas
Strike a Cord
Google Flying Car
Being Comrades with a Russian Billionaire Would Have Its Perks
Say the Word and This Tiny Home Will Double in Size
Kind of a Big Deal Oct. 26
Hikers Honored a Widow’s Request to Fulfill Her Late Husband’s Hiking Dreams
Behind Every Good Jeep Wrangler Is an Even Better Jeep Wrangler Tent
Kootek Self Defense Flashlight
Rod Stewart Lambo
Virgin Voyages
Don’t Try Windsurfing Through a Hurricane at Home
Take Tailgating to New Heights With This Cooler-Stereo Hybrid

Banned Books

Seeing Trump Taking a ‘Uge Hit from a Linebacker Is Great, Again and Again
Sad Sack
Want a One-Night Stand? Science Says Do This With Your Facial Hair.
Kind of a Big Deal Oct. 25
10 Misconceptions About The Female Orgasm
Poler Stuff Boots Video
Fingers Crossed This Ballsy Concept Bike Becomes a Reality
Sunflare Solar Panels
The Future of Le Mans Racing Looks Bright, Fast
What We Know: It’s Got Race Car-Curves and Low-Slung Handlebars

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