What Fits in Your Pocket and Might Save Your Life?

Have tool, will manage.

By The Editors

What Fits in Your Pocket and Might Save Your Life?
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03 March 2016

There are two kinds of men in times of crisis.

The guy who crumbles. And the guy who has this:

Scout Leather Co.’s new titanium Compact Utility Blade, a featherweight four-in-one multitool that takes up about as much pocket space as a coat-check ticket.

We’re in a bit of a crazy place right now. Deranged bees are afoot. BART is BART. That guy from that TV show with the thing on his head might be president.

Who knows when you’ll need to unscrew a screw? Or open a bottle? Or break down a box?

Tuck this minimalist tool, from S.F. maker-of-cool-things Scout Leather Co. in your pocket and you’re good to go for all variety of sticky situations.

No one wants to walk around with a traditional box cutter in a pocket — it's too bulky. The Compact Utility Blade is just about the same size as the (replaceable) blade itself. It does this job it's meant to do, along with those serviced by a flathead screwdriver, a pry tip, bottle opener and lanyard hole. 

If you're a bells 'n' whistles kind of guy, this isn't the tool for you — but in our experience, 90 percent of add-ons don't get used. These will. 

Just put it in your pocket and forget about it. Until you need it, of course.

And then you’re the guy.

The guy who came to the rescue.

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