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Washio: Like a four-star valet for your hamper

  • 22 January 2014

There are certain chores that give a man a sense of satisfaction when done well.

Laundry is not among them.

Pass the buck with Washio, an on-demand laundry service now serving SF that lives in your phone and can be at your door by day's end.

The offer's as simple as you'd think. Fire up the app, insert your particulars and schedule a pick-up, and a purple-shirted ambassador will drop by at the appointed time to cart away your malodorous threads.

Wash and fold: done.

Dry-cleaning: done.

They'll even stitch on replacement buttons if you point out the gaps.

No toxic chemicals (so Mama Earth is happy), and the time you bank is yours to spend at will.

Schedule your return for the next day — or any day that suits. They make runs on Saturday and Sunday, for the record.

Plus they bring you a cookie.

Because taking care of the chores has its rewards.

The Specifics


Works with Android, iOS and good old mobile web.

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