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Unwind Me: Massages on demand

  • 07 May 2014

Getting a massage: relaxing.

Finding the time: less so.

Bridging the gap: Unwind Me, a new service that vets and dispatches skilled massage therapists to your home on your schedule — same day and beyond.

It’s simple. UM sources licensed and insured private practitioners, runs them through the quality assurance paces and makes scheduling and payment as easy as ordering a pizza.

The pricing is flat and all inclusive, taking the guesswork out of tipping. You’ll also save a couple Hamiltons off the going spa rates.

On the cost of living tip, the therapists make significantly more going this route than posting up in a brick and mortar.

Happy massager = happy massagee. Win = win.

The service is limited to San Francisco at the moment, and the focus is on home appointments.

That said, if you've got a private office (sorry open-floorplanners), they can work with that.

Time for massage: found.

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