Tile keeping track of a gym bag.
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Tile: It tracks all the things you’ll inevitably misplace

  • 21 August 2013

There’s this thing they say about men. Can’t quite remember ...

Oh that’s right:

We have a nasty habit of forgetting things.

Car keys. Directions. Anniversaries. Whether it was you or a hirsute Michael J. Fox that sunk that game-winning jumper in the playoffs senior year.

What you need is a secretary you can carry around in your pocket. And for that, there’s Tile, a new iPhone-connected property tracker.

Tile is a disposable and always-on wireless tag — easily attached to your keyring or slipped into a wallet pocket — that's got you covered in three ways:

  • If what's lost is within shouting distance (150 feet, give or take), the Tile app will lead you to it. You can even make your Tile chirp for help.

  • It remembers (GPS-style) the last time you were in range of what's been lost. No more calling every bar and cab company in town or relying on faulty eyewitnesses.

  • If your lost item was stolen, flag it. Every Tile-connected phone in the world becomes a snitch on your payroll.

And with something on the order of fifty-thousand connected users, that's a lot of word on the street, friend.

Now hup, hup. Pretty sure you’re missing an appointment.

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