This Bike Is Quite Possibly Smarter Than You Are

Just go with it.

By Diane Rommel

This Bike Is Quite Possibly Smarter Than You Are
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25 July 2016

Take a bike.

Design it in Milan, because Italian design.

Build it in California, because Californian ingenuity.

Throw in a tiny, super-smart computer integrated into the frame that’ll help make riders fitter, faster and happier.

Up for a ride?

Volata Cycles was founded by two colleagues: one a UC Berkeley automative engineer who specialized in IoT for automotives, the other a Milan-based partisan who wanted to marry world-class Italian bicycle design with technology.

Each Volata streamlines existing technology and channels it through a single, 2.4-inch computer built into the handlebar.

Weather? Heart rate? Next turn? Volata knows. Some features feel imported straight from a car — like automated front and rear lights and an easy-access horn. There’s even GPS-tracking if someone absconds with your ride.

Not that you should be locking it up on Mission Street. This one’s an inside bike.

Reserve now for $299. Then start counting down the days till it ships in a year.

Some things are worth the wait.

The Specifics

Volata Cycles

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