That’s Not a Home Bar. This Is.
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That’s Not a Home Bar. This Is.


  • 19 May 2015

Pour some out for the at-home cocktail.


On your couch. Far from the madding crowd, the girls in glitter, the guys in a dozen iterations of the same plaid shirt.

The challenge, of course, is mixing a bar-quality tipple without the trappings of a bar-quality ... bar.

Bringing those trappings to your couchspace: SaloonBox.

Sign up and you’ll get recipes for fancy-type cocktails plus all the annoying bits and bobs that you never have on hand yet are key to making a distinctive drink: bitters, muddlers, shakers and measuring cups.

And, of course, the booze.

For us, the best aspect of SaloonBox is the involvement of San Francisco mixologists whose work you already know and respect.

Rafa Barber from Goose & Gander in Napa. Darren Crawford of The Devil’s Acre in Chinatown. Matt Grippo of Blackbird on Market Street. Ashela Richardson of Smokestack in Dogpatch.

You’ve trusted them on Friday nights gone by. Now trust them to deliver one of those Friday nights straight to your door.

And then toast their work from your deck.

In a robe.

With no shoes on.

You: 1, madding crowd: 0.

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