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Thanksgiving recipes from the Bay’s best chefs

  • 25 November 2013

This Thanksgiving, make sure your meal covers all the Bay Area’s sundry -isms: veganism, Judaism … even alcoholism.

The Bird
Get ready to win Thanksgiving. Your turkey solution comes comes courtesy of One Market Restaurant’s chef and partner Mark Dommen. So, yeah — it’ll be Michelin Star material. The secret is picking the herbs. No stems, pal. Print the recipe.

The Alternate
Vegetarians in the mix? You’re covered. Turns out DIY tofurkey — you know, faux turkey — isn’t all that hard to whip up. Chef Kyle Itani of Oakland’s Hopscotch is here to show you how with his traditional Japanese take on an American institution. Print the recipe.

The Side
Fact: challah bread is good. Secondary fact: challah bread is doubly good as the base for stuffing. Presidio Social Club’s Ray Tang and Jay Abrams have the hows and whats. All that's left is to loosen your belt a notch before plating up. Print the recipe.

The Drink
Whiskey pairs well with the holidays. Jon Gasparini knows a thing or two about whiskey — he owns Rye, after all — and he’s been kind enough to share his Old Fashioned Thanksgiving recipe with us. Clever wordplay or cold fact? Both. Print the recipe.

The Specifics


Just add groceries.

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