Wilderness Dinner II
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Fish & A Barrel

Stag Dining at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club

  • 21 January 2014

“If you want meat on the your plate,” our old man once said, “you’ll have to pull a trigger now and again.”

Providing said meat and triggers: Stag Dining’s Wilderness Dinner at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club, taking reservations now.

This is an afternoon of booze, beef and birdshot — but all the shooting’s directed at sporting clays, and you’ll be under the watchful eyes of pro marksmen like Top Shot champ Chris Cheng.

After a round of trap-shooting, you'll move on to the clubhouse for a pint of beer and a few tales of the PRGC's storied history, which included the odd shots fired by the likes of Robert Stack and Ernest Hemingway.

Then comes the food, composed by Stag's Jordan Grosser and Ted Fleury and featuring dungeness crab, Chinese boar and duck along with a host of roots, fruits and grains served family-style with a trio of California wines to wash it all down.

Seats are extremely limited, so pull that trigger if you mean to have one.

The Specifics

Stag Dining Group

at Pacific Rod and Gun Club
Saturday, February 1st
520 John Muir Drive
(415) 586-8349

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