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SixDoors: Any gift in the city, delivered

  • 11 December 2013

The well-timed gift.

It’s what separates the class-acts from the philistines in society, and it pays dividends in client relationships.

But shopping, schlepping and shipping cost time you can’t spare.

Delegate, my man.

To wit: SixDoors, an app-based gifting service exclusive to the city, taking orders now and delivering same day.

It works like so: fire up the app on your iPhone and browse the offerings — direct from the shelves of 60 unique local shops spread across a dozen neighborhoods.

Make a choice, check out, and a member of the SixDoors team makes the buy and delivers it by hand.

From conception to delivery: 90 minutes. Or you can pick any time before 9 p.m.

Couldn't be easier.

We’re talking everything from a bottle of Bluxome Street pinot to a fully restored vintage typewriter from Viracocha.

Happy gifting.

The Specifics


It starts with the app.

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