Silicon Valley Just Up and Disrupted Your Showerhead

It knows your temp. It saves water. Hell, it even Spotifies.

By Diane Rommel

Silicon Valley Just Up and Disrupted Your Showerhead
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13 February 2018

Try all you want — you’re not going to convince us anyone’s invented a worthy dating app yet.

But other parts of our lives seem ripe for disruption.

Take the shower. Seems OK just the way it is. Turn it on, turn it off, go about your day.

That’s until a team of San Jose-based developers started tinkering under the hood — and now present a smarter, faster, better way to clean up every morning.

It’s called Livin Shower, and it’s currently being Kickstarted.

You’re thinking: But my shower’s fine as it is.

Once Livin (we can’t do anything about that name) knows your desired water temperature, all you need to do is ask it (or Alexa, or your Echo) to get your shower ready — and then, once the water reaches the desired temperature, Livin will pause the water’s stream until you’re ready to hop in.

They say it’ll save nearly 2,000 gallons of water per household a year.

That’s not all it can do. Use it to cue up your Spotify playlists. Dial up one of its Shower Recipes, which manages the temperature throughout your shower experience — for example, slowly cooling down the water. Or integrate it with your Nest so that your room’s temperature is bumped up right when you’re ready to step out of the water.

We’re basically living in The Jetsons. Get one while they last.

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