Meet SF's Mushroom Expert
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Meet SF's Mushroom Expert

Foraging with the guy behind Underground Market

  • 14 April 2015

Your correspondent still remembers the day at summer camp when Josh, one of the rangers, bent down, picked a mushroom from the forest floor and ate it.

The one thing we’d been told day in, day out — never go for the mushrooms. 

And we thought: Josh is a badass.

And: we want to be like Josh.

Iso Rabins is here to make that dream come true, on his spring foraging trips, booking now. 

If you don’t know Iso, he’s a legend in S.F. food circles: the creator of the former Underground Market and the roving dinner club Wild Kitchen, as well as the guy behind the city’s soon-to-be-revolutionary co-working kitchen space, Forage Kitchen.

Now Iso and his team of expert foragers are kicking off their spring series of guided foraging hikes through the Sierra Nevadas.

Pick a date, show up at a Safeway parking lot in Pollack Pines, and expert mushroom forager Patrick Hamilton will lead you through the mountains, picking morels and porcinis along the way. You’ll come back to town more knowledgeable and better fed.


And badass.

Photo: Sam Churchill

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