The Best of 2015: San Francisco

Tahoe. Jackets galore. An app for everything. Let's review.

By The Editors

SF: The Year in Review
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31 December 2015

Ten years ago, if you'd asked us if we could imagine a day when we could not just — legally! — order pot from our telephone but also get a doctor's prescription for it, too, we would have called bull. 

But 2015 was the year the future officially arrived. Drones. Electric bikes. Suitcases that can charge the phone you need to order that pot. 

It's magic, folks. 

Also, we tried on a lot of jackets.

Herein: 2015, in (brief) review.

Grab your tissuebox.

Get Outdoors, Son
Our city’s wealth has its downsides, like a16z VCs who complain too much. On the positive side: match a resourceful, demanding population with an abiding passion for the outdoors and unparalleled natural beauty, and what you get is top-tier sporting goods. Consider Vintage Electric’s tech-savvy Cruz (above) on one end of the spectrum, or handcrafted, hardwood skateboards from Scrap Dog on the other. Something we can’t do now that we’ll do by this time next year: a badass paddle tour under the Golden Gate and past the Marin Headlands, courtesy of co-founder of Oru Kayaks. 

Bundle Up
If ever there was a city that required a jacket, it's San Francisco — which was why we served up “a leather jacket to make a grown man weep,” a limited-edition car coat and a bomber jacket so smart it’d ace the SATs. Plus this one, which we’re into even if the photo session stars a dude who only wishes he were Peter Quinn.

Our Brand of the Year
We’re not gonna lie: DSPTCH can do no wrong. It’s a lifestyle emporium for guys par excellence. Whether you’re looking for a super stylish yet appealingly rugged watch, a very clever gym tote or all the stuff brand founder Richard Liu stows in his overnighter. We didn’t even have space to cover the bag we want most: this rucksack in black camo.

Apps for Everything
Last year, we said there’d soon be an Uber for everything. Soon = 2015, and we now have Ubers for pot, pot prescriptions, luxury carsdinner and everything else. If we left something off, we invite you to fund that startup. 

Points North, East and South
Until we can book a ride out of here on SpaceX, we’ll make do with some of the world’s best hotels. We are totally down with a hotel that lets you hunt your own drinks. Ditto one that passes out Mozie electric bikes at the door. And we’re ready to head back to the Epiphany in Palo Alto anytime, if for nothing else than a second look at its wild, IDEO-designed sculpture.

Get Outta Town
Travel gear gets better as the travel game gets (arguably) worse: it’s almost a fair trade. Combine a backpack with a briefcase and you’re a smart exec with a carry-on rather than a schlump with a checked duffel. And kids today are going to know a world where suitcases always come with USB chargers thanks to brands like Barracuda

Enjoy It While It Lasts
Mere hours after we suggested a tour of the already quite-saturated-with-those-in-the-know Uptown Oakland, Uber announced a plan to park part of its global HQ at 20th Street and Broadway (“The immediate reaction wasn’t all enthusiasm,” wrote Wired). Stay strong, Oakland.

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