The Dining Week of the Year Cometh

Ever been to a "nightclub for food lovers"?

By Diane Rommel

Quite Possibly the Dining Event of the Season
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15 September 2017

The world's best chefs are coming to S.F. (Or, in some cases, they're already here.)

Either way: together, they're putting on a series of once-in-a-lifetime dinners for us

Tastemaker Collective puts on high-gloss dining showcases around the world. Our turn is coming up next week, with the festivities kicking off Tuesday, September 26. 

Now: World-class chefs are — well, if not a dime a dozen (plus healthcare surcharge etc., etc.) — then not incredibly hard to find in San Francisco. So why bother now? 

Because the collaborations are once in a lifetime. And because you won't find these meals on the regular menu.

Farm-to-table guru Evan Rich (of Rich Table) will team up with Hong Kong izakaya wiz Matt Abergel. Cala's Gabriela Cámara opens her kitchen to a pair of much ballyhooed Parisian chefs. And our pick? Chad Robertson's night at his Tartine Manufactury with London-based Michelin-starred chef James Lowe of Lyle's.

Plus: San Francisco's first "nightclub for food lovers" at Fort Mason, a one-night event featuring eight of the chefs on the Tastemaker roster.

You won't get this on an average night in the Mission. 

Get hopping — tickets are flying

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