Good Things Happen in These Garages
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Good Things Happen in These Garages

A friendly neighborhood guide

  • 14 May 2015

Palo Alto's synonymous with Silicon Valley, and likely the tidiest Gold Rush town you’re ever going to see.

Look past the VCs, the worker bees, the bleary-eyed founders just arrived from Turnipville, though, and maybe you see a different city.

With a world-class art institution, an (occasionally) innovative dining scene, and — no kidding — our favorite hotel south of Daly City and north of Santa Barbara.

It’s all in here: The Neighborhood Guide to Palo Alto.

Consider this an alternate tour of the city — or at least one well worth checking out between meetings and Caltrains.


  • Not one but two garages. One's got chocolate.
  • A new hotel at the precise intersection of wicked smart and wicked hot
  • Quite possibly the Bay’s buzziest outdoor dining
  • And more art, design and non-techy stuff than you thought could be possible in the locus of Silicon Valley

Maybe you won’t need to get the first train back north after all.

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The Specifics

Palo Alto Neighborhood Guide

The best of the West.

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