The Prettiest Guitar You’ll See Today

You’ll want it — even if you can’t play a note

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These Are the Prettiest Guitars You’ll See Today
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14 April 2016

What do you do when you skateboard your way into the emergency room?

If you’re Nick Pourfard, you design a line of polychrome, one-of-a-kind guitars.

He’s one of our city’s coolest designers, and this month, he’s the “maker in residence” at the Dogpatch’s brilliant Workshop Residence.

You’ll want to stop by and see what he’s up to.

Pourfard was 18 when a skateboarding accident left him immobilized.

“My hobbies up until that point consisted of skating and playing guitar,” he says. “I had a bunch of old skate decks lying around, but didn’t want to throw them away because they had sentimental value — they were just in a pile in my room, collecting dust. I wanted to see if I could combine my two hobbies and make a guitar out of my old skate decks.”

And so the self-taught woodworker — who studied online videos for tools and techniques — gave birth to his own line of string instruments, Prisma Guitars.

Next up from Nick: a collaboration with the InsideHook-approved Oxgut, who refashion firefighting gear into covetable home goods.

“I want to make guitar straps with it!” he says.

Also on his to-do list: “Guitar stands, a stool to play in, storage boxes for gear, iPod speakers, etc.”

Stop by Workshop Residence for a closer look at his stuff.

Or just go buy a guitar.

Either way, you’re guaranteed something lightyears better than whatever the big-box guys can serve up.

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