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Whiskey gets the Four Barrel coffee treatment

  • 13 February 2014

Whiskey and coffee. The two most fundamental beverages in the masculine canon.

Strong on individual merits, but Wonder Twin-powerful when combined.

And with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the craft spirit arrivistes of Mosswood Distillers and their freshly bottled Espresso Barrel Whiskey.

We're talking primo Tennessee firewater, barrel-aged to perfection and cask-finished with the house espresso roast beans of hometown hero Four Barrel.

On the tongue: velveteen texture, chocolate, stonefruit and a subtle coffee finish.

We like it neat.

Mosswood's a young, two-person outfit on Treasure Island, formed by expatriates of the city's burgeoning homebrew scene, Therese Agnew and Jake Chevedden. The latter honed his cask-enhancing chops at the helm of Tradition's aged-cocktail program.

They've got a California Ale barrel in the works, along with grander distillation plans, but for now the Espresso Barrel is a limited edition, with just over two hundred bottles in circulation.

Find yours at Pac Heights’ D&M (they'll even bring it to your door same-day). Or just give it a sip at Bourbon & Branch, Range or Third Rail.

Morning, meet night. Wonder Twin powers, activate.

The Specifics

Mosswood Distillers

Order online for delivery or pick up in person at D&M Liquors

2200 Fillmore Street

at Sacramento

(415) 346-1325

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