The Michelin-Starred Dining Event of the Year Is Coming

Two nights. Many courses. All the Michelins. Let's review.

By Diane Rommel

The Michelin-Starred Dining Event of the Year Is Coming
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26 July 2017

This, people, is not a drill. 

We're talking two nights, countless courses and a veritable slew of Michelin stars. 

We're talking about the Michelin All-Star Dinners, tickets on sale now, and expected to go very, very fast. 

You've got two choices: 

Option one is August 8th at Sons & Daughters, featuring the collaborative work, over nine courses, of Frances's Melissa Perello (pictured), Val Cantu of Californios and Brett Cooper of Aster. Nine courses with beverage pairings for $375. 

Given the talent on hand, that's a steal.

Your second option is August 13, at Mr. Jiu's, with Brandon Jew, Sara Hauman repping Octavia, Jason Fox of Commonwealth and more. This one is six courses for $255. Beverage pairings included.

That's an even stealier steal.

At the end of the day, these events are about time and money: nobody has enough of either, especially the former. What we like about this concept is that you're getting a whole lot of good stuff, all at once, along with a unique, collaborative preparation. It's limited edition in the best way possible. 

If you're in town, why wouldn't you drop everything to get to this? 

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