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Luna Lander

Luna delivers the goods from 7 p.m.-to-midnight

  • 05 December 2013

There's a wrinkle in online shopping — let's call it the last mile problem.

You browse. You buy. You wait. You find a failed delivery notice at your door instead of that Cyber Monday suit-steamer you ordered. You blame it on the Scout-shorted boys in brown.

Enter Luna’s moonlit delivery.

Place an order. Have it shipped to Luna. Luna drops it off any time you want between 7 p.m. and midnight.


It's iPhone based. Sorry, Android.

And it's SF-exclusive. Apologies, rest of world.

And yes, it does work for anything that comes in a box — wine of the month included.

Sign up now and your first shipment's on the house — no strings.

Wrinkle, meet iron.

The Specifics


Sign up via the Luna app.

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