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Kubo: A light scooter that actually carries things

  • 26 November 2013

Motorbikes are great. Easy parking. Lane-splitting.

But when it comes to cargo, they’re absolutely worthless.

Lit Motors is flipping that paradigm with their newfangled Kubo scooter — a first-of-breed vehicle with a 22", open-walled cargo hold and a 300-lb. capacity for carting goods and rider from street to hilly street.

It's all-electric, all-eclectic and hella practical.

Unless you're the sort of guy who never rolls with anything bigger than a breadbox.

The trick to the cargo hold is its system of rails and hooks, allowing for just about anything to be secured — plus there's storage under the seat for straps and what have you.

If the name sounds familiar, it's probably on account of Lit Motors' other project — the gyroscopically stabilized C-1.

Add in the city appropriate 45 MPH and 50-mile drive-radius and you've got a legitimate sport utility vehicle.

The only catch is that Kubo still needs funds on Kickstarter. So get to clicking by watching the video or pre-ordering yours today.

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