When Your Friendly Local Porn Company Has a Moving Sale

Get there early, while the getting is good

By Diane Rommel

When Your Friendly Local Porn Company Has a Moving Sale
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14 July 2017

Plus: what to do immediately before and after. 

Nothing gold can stay.

Kink-dot-com, a Mission mainstay/adult-film production house, is departing the neighborhood for sunnier skies (read: Vegas). 

But before they go/offer the space to new tenants, they're throwing one last event. 

We don't always drop everything for a moving sale — but when we do, it's a moving sale thrown by a porn company

This is actually Kink's second sale since announcing the move in January. But for the first go-around, would-be perusers needed to schedule an appointment to come by. That's complicated. 

This time? "Drop-ins welcome," according to the company's ad on Craigslist. It is, they say, a chance to "purchase a piece of SF kinky history." 

We can't wait: Above all, it's just a legitimately weird thing to do in a city with perhaps more than a normal-sized serving of weird things to do. 

As we mentioned, Kink's Armory HQ is well-located, at 14th and Mission. And for after the sale? 

Need a bar? Head to our favorite nearly 150-year-old saloon, Elixir, on 16th Street.

Feeling worn out? We like Mission Public, which has plenty of coffee available. 

Feeling frisky? Good Vibrations is just down the street. 

Want to watch literally any movie but porn? Fayes can help.

Actually just want a really great lunch? Nobody talks about Farina's Pizza, but we love it (and prefer it to Delfina). 

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