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The best cars for sale at Monterey Car Week

  • 24 July 2014

If car shows are the strip clubs of the high-end auto circuit, then the auctions surrounding them are the champagne rooms.

There’s no sex, but damn if the curves ain’t nice to touch.

Consider this as you make your way to Monterey Car Week — and as you peruse this, our guide to the most gorgeous whips you’ll find on the block this year.

For the uninitiated, Monterey Car Week is a world-class, weeklong celebration of the kind of rides that give Jay Leno chills and stun Jerry Seinfeld to silence.

With pedigreed autos from RM Auctions, Bonhams and Gooding & Company, it promises plenty for the humble ogler and plutocratic purchaser alike.

Regardless of which you are, here are the nine you want to feast your peepers on personally.

Spoilers: they’re fast, exotic and anything but cheap.

Exactly what you’d expect in the VIP.

The Specifics

Buyer's Guide: Monterey Car Week

The guide is free, but bring your checkbook.

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