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Huckberry’s Holiday Home: The ultimate pop-up

  • 09 December 2013

This is about the house of tomorrow. Not the robo-fied Bakelite dream of the Atomic Age — the real house of tomorrow.

It’s the Huckberry Holiday Home: a short term, fully walkable, fully shoppable shrine to tomorrow’s adventures, curated to the nines by the outfitters of Huckberry.

It’s in the Mission for one week. Starting today.

Think of it as an Ikea showroom full of stuff you actually aren’t ashamed to buy.

Stuff like origami kayaks by Oru and adventure kits from the argonauts at Poler. Stuff like tactical bags from GoRuck and Triple Aught. Stuff like Trust Co. axes.

You know, stuff that inspires you to go out and do something.

But it’s still a house, and that means furniture. Huck teamed with Minnesota’s Room & Board to gussy the 3,100-square-foot space with pieces that bring the outdoors in.

And because no home is complete without art, they’ve rolled in a sharkfin blue ‘65 Porsche 365c to remind you that tomorrow starts where the rubber meets the road.

Don't miss the show. By next week it'll be yesterday's news.

The Specifics


3178 17th Street
between S Van Ness & Shotwell
Open 11am-6pm
December 9th-16th

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