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Fight parking tickets with Fixed

  • 06 March 2014

You work hard, you deserve a nice car.

The City of San Francisco, however, believes you deserve parking tickets.

Here’s how to get out of ‘em: Fixed, an app for fighting SF's inevitable tax on vehicle ownership, now available for download.

Fact: about half of tickets contested in the courtroom by the Bay get tossed out.

Additional fact: contesting tickets is a demoralizing time suck, and it's easier to take the $70 wallet hit than fight the good fight.

Fixed is even easier. To use, simply take a picture of the ticket. Choose from a list of pretexts (broken meter, inscrutable signage, etc.), submit, and the Fixed team goes to work.

It'll even crunch your odds of success.

Lose: you take your lumps with SFMTA. Fixed doesn't take a cent.

Win: Fixed takes 25% of the defeated fine as payment.

And you take 100% of the moral victory.

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