Oh, What's This? Just the Three-Day Outdoor Adventure of Your Dreams.

A three-day adult summer camp, basically

By Diane Rommel

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19 May 2017

Here's the thing about adventure. 

Sometimes all you need to do is sign up. 

Your life? It can pivot — because you said "That looks cool," and instead of spacing on it, grabbed your wallet and said, "Yeah. Let's go." 

May we suggest the CamelBak Pursuit Series: a three-day camping extravaganza in our own backyard, replete with every outdoor leisure pursuit you could dream of: survival training, archery, mountain biking, peak bagging, surfing and more.

This is the CamelBak Pursuit Series, two three-day sessions in the great outdoors. 

For the first, they'll head to the Wasatch Mountains above Salt Lake City in mid-August. 

Then they're headed our way, from September 8 - 11. (If you're counting, that's the weekend after Labor Day.) 

You'll learn — well, whatever you want to, from the basics of stand-up paddling and beginner rock climbing to Myofascial Compression Techniques for Multi-Sport and Outdoor Specialty Coffee. 

On-site accommodations range from basic (read: literally nothing but the ground; BYOTent) to tricked out; you can also opt to stay in town. (Though we say: Gotta overnight at the campground — do you really want to miss Relax and unWINEd Game Night Evening Games?)

We're not generally of a mind to say something's too cheap. But the $399 three-day sounds ... extremely reasonable. 

That price is gonna go up. 

Early birds: Get in there, and stat. 

Final image courtesy of Under Canvas

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