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Say hello to the electric longboard, now a thing

  • 23 July 2013

The longboard — enduring staple of digital media workers, urban surfers and chillaxed commuters everywhere — just got a Tesla-like upgrade.

Introducing Boosted Boards, the first ever electric longboard with brakes, coming soon to a steeply inclined street near you.

This isn’t your nephew’s skateboard. Or, as Boosted's Sho Takahashi puts it, “These aren’t toys.”

Homegrown and built to handle everything from the Mission’s flatlands to Filbert Street, Boosted Boards run via wireless remote, which looks like a cross between an oversized ring and a TRON light-cycle (watch the video; it’s a pretty sweet little gadget).

The easy-to-carry rig (designed by George Schnakenberg, the guy behind the Sleeper and The Bike Vine) revs up to 20 mph, and it'll haul you six miles per charge.

The brakes, also controlled by the remote, charge the batts.

It’s not a hoverboard, but we’re getting there.

The Specifics

Boosted Boards

$1299 ($0 upfront Preorder)

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