Eight Beach Houses You Can Rent for Less Than the Price of an SF Studio

Put your place on Airbnb. We're sending you to the tropics.

By Diane Rommel

Eight Beach Houses You Can Rent for Less Than the Price of an SF Studio
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17 March 2017

We all know that the cost of an apartment in S.F. — whether to buy or rent — is untenable at best. 

You could complain. Or you could just check out these 10 rentals: All with wifi. All without shady landlords. All within walking distance of a beach, from Mexico's Pacific Coast to the kitesurfing capital of Africa. 

This is not a drill: you can rent these eight beach apartments, villas, "surfer shacks" and cottages right now — and some for less than half the average cost of a sunless closet in the Tenderloin. And these are the made-for-ease Airbnb rates, which we guarantee include a signficiant made-for-ease surcharge. Stick around and you'll find something (probably much) cheaper. 

Better get there before we do. 

Location: Lombok, Indonesia
Title: "Yoga retreat in the Jungle Close to the beach"
Vibe: "The new Bali" 
Distance from beach: 1 km
Rent: $934
Why here: Avoid the Bali crowds — digital nomads are everywhere you look — for one step closer to a quiet life on the ocean. 

Location: Byron Bay, Australia
Title: "Byron Garden Retreat
Vibe: Chakra massage in the morning, surfing at sundown
Distance from beach: 10-15 minute walk
Rent: $1,874
Why here: It's our favorite beach town in Australia — look a few clicks south, to Suffolk Park, for cheaper rents and fewer people. 

Location: Ko Tao, Thailand
Title: "Spacious Beachfront Apartment"
Vibe: The island without all the full-moon parties (but right next to it)
Distance from beach: It's oceanfront
Rent: $1,515
Why here: The party-party crowd mostly heads to Ko Pha Ngan for the full moon parties — leaving Ko Tao quieter and more beautiful. 

Location: Eagle Beach, Aruba
Title: "Affordable studio near Eagle beach"
Vibe: Eternal spring break with windsurfing
Distance from beach: 15-minute walk
Rent: $1,637
Why here: We can't help it — we love Aruba. It's easy, friendly and possessing of a surprising amount of desert.

Location: Sayulita, Mexico
Title: "Sayulita Traveler/Surfer Shack"
Vibe: "Gypset" neo-hippie enclave
Distance from beach: Five-minute walk
Rent: $1,340
Why here: A rich culture and a fun, dance-all-night/surf-all-day scene

Location: Essaouira, Morocco
Title: "Essaouira Beach Apartment Pool 2"
Vibe: 1970s Talitha Getty-esque retreat with Africa's best kite surfing nearby
Distance from beach: Oceanfront
Rent: $886
Why here: It's impossibly chic — and cheap. And the ocean sports are second to none. 

Location: Hossegar, France
Title: "Bel appartement au calme rdc villa
Vibe: Euro surf party
Distance from beach: 15 minutes by bike (pay more for a closer spot) 
Rent: $842
Why here: It's the center of European surfing and the long-distance Hamptons of Paris, where former men-about-town go to raise their kids — meaning it's calm and cool at the same time. 

Location: Goa, India
Title: "Beautiful Old Portuguese Cottage"
Vibe: Surf 'n' yoga 'n' peace 'n' quiet 
Distance from beach: 10-minute walk
Rent: $1,495
Why here: There's quite possibly nowhere better in the world to reconsider your priorities than in Goa.

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