A Perfect Day of SF Meals from Chef Chris Bleidorn of Birdsong

From a Sunday-morning honey cake to the best late-night pizza

By Diane Rommel

A Perfect Day of SF Meals from Chef Chris Bleidorn of Birdsong
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21 February 2019

We’ve been telling you to go to Birdsong since it opened last spring.

Today, head chef Chris Bleidorn — formerly of Saison and Atelier Crenn — is telling us where to go.

Specifically, with his picks for the best breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner in the city. Plus: his choice for the best late-night pizza.

We’re not not daring you to knock them all out in one day.

20th Century Cafe/Instagram

Breakfast: 20th Century Cafe
“I love the antique service pieces, the music and the food’s fine simplicity. Also, you can’t forget about the honey cake. I am not typically big on cakes — but this honey cake is such a light, delicate, not overly sweet treat. I really enjoy eating it with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.”

Monsieur Benjamin/Instagram

Brunch: Monsieur Benjamin
“Well executed, delicious comfort food with tasty cocktails. Great place that you are always assured a satisfying brunch. My favorites are the chicken liver terrine, the hamburger and the eposisses toast. They have one of the best Bloody Marys in the city.”

Molinari Delicatessan/Instagram

Lunch: Molinari Delicatessan
“Great Italian cold cut. Pro tip: leave off the mayo and mustard (which by the way has no place on an Italian sandwich). Then replace those ingredients with vinegar, oil and oregano.”

Sotto Mare/Instagram

Dinner: Sotto Mare
“Sotto Mare is a such a nice example of great hospitality. It's a San Francisco institution run by a husband-and-wife team. Every time I visit, I feel like they’re inviting me into their home. It brings me back to when my Italian immigrant grandmother cooked us old-school classics, and my family gathered around the dinner table for supper. Though we enjoy almost everything there, my wife and I enjoy the cioppino the most. It's our favorite one in town!”

Golden Boy Pizza/Instagram

Late-night cheap eats: Golden Boy Pizza
“Great pizza with loud music and a cool vibe — and to top it off, it's very cheap. When I lived near North Beach, I always looked forward to stopping there before heading home after a night out. The crispy bottom really makes it! Their long line, every day of the week, is a testament to their tasty pizzas.”

Main image via Golden Boy Pizza/Instagram

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