9 Delicious Pot Edibles for Grown Men
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9 Delicious Pot Edibles for Grown Men

Cake pops. Caramels. And hell yes, macarons.

  • 17 April 2015

Pause now and consider marijuana edibles.

They exist at the tasty intersection of San Francisco’s two great interests: food, and getting wickedly baked.

And so, in observance of 4/20, we present A Gourmet’s Guide to Marijuana Edibles.

Or, as we like to think of it, marijuana goodies for successful men who don’t like the smell of patchouli.

Inside: the best gourmet edibles available for purchase right now in the 7x7.

Before you take a look, we should note that the rapid and recent diversification of the edibles scene is the unlikely offspring of two native subcultures.

Combine one part Haight-Ashbury hippies with one part food trucks and, et voilà, teriyaki sauce marijuana!

It’s all completely above board: most are distributed through medical dispensaries, who'll ask to see that permission slip from your doctor.

Just one note of caution: the new weed wares are strong.

Our L.A. editor took some eastward and our executive editor, unaccustomed to the noggin-busting power of CA’s edibles, soon found himself on the Bowery taking off his clothes and chasing a firetruck.

This is a true story.

But anyway, enjoy the guide. We did.

The Specifics

SF's Best Edibles

From kale chips to sea-salt caramels

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