Wellness Clubs Are the New Night Clubs

Wellvyl: bringing wellness to the social scene

By The Editors

Wellness is the New Nightclub
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04 February 2016

Working out: not limited to the gym anymore.

You need look no further than monthly morning dance party Daybreaker, Verboten BK’s Deep House Yoga Night and the W Hotel’s Sound Off for proof.

Wellness clubs are the new night clubs, people.

The most recent addition? Wellvyl (well-ville), a membership-based institution launching this week that wants you to meet, mingle and be well.

Celebrating with a commencement party this Saturday the 6th (tickets here) at The DL, Wellvyl is composing series of feel-good experiences, curating influencers and innovative companies in the fitness and health arenas. Expect a “healthy” open bar, a spa station, fitness workshops and celebrity DJs.

Events on deck will continue to address their mind, body, soul and social verticals including a Lover’s Night, a Jazz Meditation and a Meet Mingle Be Well Mixer.

Will we forgo Manhattans in favor of mocktails permanently? No. Never. Get ahold of yourself.

Though, we’re all in favor of grabbing a mat and maybe meeting a gal.

And after all, we’re not gettin’ any younger here.

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