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Bawdy Rockin'

The Hellfire Club offers “sophisticated lust”

  • 12 March 2014

Burlesque is sexual slapstick.

Feather boas and “Hey, big spender.”

But this? This is not that.

Introducing The Hellfire Club, an adult hoochie coochie show that “caters to sophisticated and lustful desires,” launching tonight at The Kraine Theater. Get your tickets now.

Hellfire springs from the randy loins of Doc Wasabassco, “The Kingpin of Burlesque,” whose stable of vixens has been shaking tailfeathers around NYC since before “Hey Ya!” was a Top 40 hit (actually a decade ago; crazy right?).

“It’s date night for open minds,” says latex-and-wax superfan Stormy Leather (this is her site; this is her NSFW rendition of “I Touch Myself” — close the door first).

“We’re here to turn people on ... I want to see them making out in the audience.”

Duly noted.

Expect cocktails, appearances from mainstays like Nasty Canasta and Nikki Le Villain, jazzy tunes and, apparently, chocolate sauce.

Nothing silly about chocolate.

The Specifics

Wasabassco Hellfire Club

$40 per person
at the Kraine Theater
85 E. 4th St.
b/t 2nd Ave. and Bowery

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