V-Day Invasion
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V-Day Invasion

InsideHook’s guide to conquering Valentine’s Day

  • 22 January 2013

Simply do her a kindness.

That’s all that’s required of you on Valentine’s Day.

You don’t need rose petals. And you definitely don’t need a greeting card.

But what you do need is this: our Valentine’s Day of Days guide, in which we proffer three separate neighborhood plans for a damn good evening.

We’ve got one for the romantic. One for the big spender. And one for the couple who simply wants to have fun.

Not to mention we’ll tell you how to get there, and where you should be sitting when you arrive.

It’s all right here, in our Valentine’s Day of Days guide.

So sally forth, and wreak romantic havoc.

Hat doff,

p.s. should you need gifts (hint: you need gifts), our Nation edition has collected a few wonderful and timely ideas right over here.

The Specifics

The Valentine's Day of Days Guide

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