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This Mixologist Comes to You

Lessons in your home from cocktail chemist Albert Trummer

  • 08 March 2012

Mixing a fancy cocktail can be more frustrating than chemistry lab — there are so many strange tools and weird formulas it can be easier to just set your concoctions ablaze and cry "I've blinded me with science!" You need help. So call cocktail chemist Albert Trummer, now offering in-home clinics. Trummer, the original mastermind behind secretive Chinatown mixology haunt Apothéke, is renowned for three things:

1. Encyclopedic knowledge of all things liquor-related. 2. Ability to craft outlandish, botanical-infused elixirs. 3. Willingness to set fire to his bar. For fun.

Trummer's four-hour private tutorials teach you and your guests how to make libations of every kind, from the classic Negroni to the exotic Yuzu Leblon. As for technique, you’ll learn enough shakes, flips, and strains to warrant your very own tip jar. To soak up the evening's concoctions, Trummer provides light snacks courtesy of celebrity-chef partners like David Bouley and Daniel Boulud. Sessions can be tailored to any occasion, from a fun couple’s night at home to a client event at the office. You can choose from classic or seasonal programs, or request a custom lesson if you’ve got, say, a houseful of bourbon fanatics. Or pyromaniacs. Just remember: safety first.

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