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The Race of Gentleman. Get there.

  • 12 September 2014

Kids these days, competing over Instagram followers and Vine views.

Your grandfather’s generation — they had muscle cars.

They competed over bikini blondes and bragging rights.

Get back to those hot rod days of yore at The Race of Gentlemen, running October 3-5th with tix available now.

Now in its third iteration, the Race (held this year in Wildwood Beach, NJ) is a vintage bike and car romp that emulates beach racing from the '40s and '50s.

It’s a day to revel in classic roadsters: Indians, Harleys, Fords and Dodge Brothers, all roarin’ by the shore with a throwback cast of characters (drivers like Mr. Justin "Hollywood" Altman, “driving a ’29 Model A Roadster on a '32 frame ... packin’ a 1941 59A flatty hopped up with Edelbrock heads”).

The Race of Gentlemen

The racing criteria is thus: cars need pre-1935 bodies and pre-1953 parts. The bikes: pre-1947 and tank-shifted.

As a spectator, you get: two days of wild races (as seen here) plus three nights of boozy bonfire parties, vintage chopper shows and, new this year, “Customs by the Sea,” a gathering of 50 curated custom cars from across the globe.

Plus, a neverending soundtrack fueled by trash/garage rockers the Swingin’ Neckbreakers.

Gramps would be proud.

The Specifics

The Race of Gentlemen

Oct. 3-5
Tix available here

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