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The Cocktail Quarterly

Your guide to the summer's best potables

  • 08 July 2013

In the summer, the mercury’s up.

Productivity’s down.

Shirts are noticeably damper.

And you, buddy – you could use a drink.

Well, we’ve got that drink. Eleven of them, in fact.

Introducing the second edition of our Cocktail Quarterly. Enclosed, you’ll find a bevy of bevvies devised by some of our favorite barkeeps.

Cocktail Quarterly

There’s something for everyone: gin drinks, whiskey drinks, vodka drinks – hell, even something called a Cuzco Hummingbird. It’s made with Pisco, which we believe to be Peruvian for asleep on the patio with a newspaper on one’s chest.

So take a peek inside, locate your potable of choice, and get to mixing.

Happy imbibing,

The Specifics

Summer Cocktail Quarterly

Put your wallet away, hombre

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