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Steak Out

Your ultimate summer grill guide.

  • 21 May 2014

Summer’s a good time to be a man.

In the park, he tosses a ball.

On vacation, he carries cash.

And for dinner, he knows how to grill a steak.

In that spirit, we present Your Ultimate Summer Grill Guide, available now for your ribeye’d pleasure.

Inside, we reveal:

  • How to select the best steak cuts
  • Which grill you should buy
  • How Mr. Ernest Hemingway cooks his burgers

Your Ultimate Summer Grill Guide

Plus, essential grilling cookbooks and accessories, the best way to prep rabbit (should the need arise) and much, much more.

Fire’s ready when you are.

The Specifics

Your Ultimate Summer Grill Guide

Food's on the house. 

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