The Timeless, NY-Made Goods Your Home Deserves

You want a chair that’ll last a lifetime?

By Shari Gab

The Timeless, NY-Made Goods Your Home Deserves
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18 July 2017

IKEA, we love you, but you’re bringing us down.

Without you and your 1,000-point instructions, the apartments of our youth would’ve been threadbare.

But now we’re looking toward the future. We’re looking for investments.

And for that, you’ll do no better than Sawkille Co., an upstart woodshop hand-making heirloom chairs, stools, tables and more out of Rhinebeck, New York.

It’s like art you can live on.

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Founded by Jonah Meyer and Tara de Lisio, former owners of the curiously named Serv ce Station, Sawkille has quite literally carved out a space in the design scene with what they call “Rural American Design.”

Think farmhouse classics like Shaker benches and Windsor chairs, but with a contemporary sense of refinement. "I see myself as a sculptor who happens to be running a woodshop," says Meyer.

Because while he’s most famous for his milking-style stools, one could easily imagine them peppering the foyer of an Upper East Side apartment thanks to the detailed inlays and impeccable finishes.

Each piece is custom made per consultation — save about 20 signature pieces on hand — with prices available upon request. But to give an idea on what livable art runs these days, chairs start around $2,000, stools around $800 and all take about 8-12 weeks lead time a piece.

"The heirloom is something we cherish. You’ll keep it. The antidote for modern times. We strive to build something that will last for generations. It’s an investment in something that you enjoy and you can pass on," says Meyer. 

A fair price for works that are meant to last a lifetime, don’t require a PhD in rocket science to assemble, and — most importantly — are made with heart.

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