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Plate and Switch

Chicago's Alinea trades places with Eleven Madison Park

  • 14 September 2012

Pulling the ol’ switcheroo only works when both things are equal in value – a lesson apparently lost on the producers of Roseanne’s sixth season, because what, you thought we wouldn’t notice Becky wasn’t Becky? Just because Roseanne didn’t?

Well here’s a switcheroo you will notice, because it’s a wonder of profundity: Eleven Madison Park and white-hot Chicago resto Alinea are changing locations for five days, and limited tickets are officially going on sale today.

For just five nights beginning September 26th, EMP will turn over the keys to all-star chef Grant Achatz, effectively transforming a three Michelin star restaurant into a completely different ... three Michelin star restaurant.

eleven madison park 2

Dubbed “21st Century Limited” – a nod to the historic 20th Century Limited train that connected New York and Chicago – the switch puts Achatz himself in EMP’s kitchen, preparing the intricate, exotic dishes that landed Alinea at #7 on the most recent “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list.

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On the menu: bizarro-gourmet creations like the black truffle “explosion” with romaine and parmesan, a green apple “balloon” complete with helium and an edible string, and a lamb dish described on the menu, literally, as “......???????........!!!!!!!!!” Reserve wine pairings are included.

Tickets will be available online later today, and incredibly limited – so be sure to pre-register on the site and monitor the 21st Century Limited Facebook page for the on-sale announcement so you can grab a pair. You know, before everybody else notices.

The Specifics

21st Century Limited

$495 per person
Sept 26-30
at Eleven Madison Park
11 Madison Ave.
at 25th St.

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