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Basket Case

Perfect Picnic packs no hassle gourmet food totes

  • 06 May 2013

One blanket (crisp), one bottle of white (chilled), one hunk of odoriferous cheese (crumbly, with non-saltine crackers).

This will make a woman swoon. Or at least make out in public.

Setting you up for just that: Perfect Picnic, now delivering expertly packed grub kits for your layabout afternoons.

Inspired by a sojourn to Amalfi – where packing top-notch foodstuffs is the rule rather than the exception – Perfect Picnic’s owner packs kits with the premium local comestibles you love to eat but hate to track down.

Smoked meats from Salumeria Biellese, artisanal cheeses from Cricket Creek Farm and salted caramels from Liddabit Sweets, all packed in a handy canvas tote – so all you’ve got to worry about is picking a sunny spot away from errant frisbees and overzealous carriage pedalers.

Picnickers can pick up at PP’s quaint LES shop, or use their brand new web shop to have kits delivered anywhere in the city.

For extra special occasions/apologies, PP also offers a “Platinum Picnic” stacked with Petrossian caviar, Russ & Daughters smoked salmon, a “special sparkling beverage” and more – all laid out ahead of time at a Central Park location of your choice. And they clean up afterward.

No mess, no stress.

The Specifics

Perfect Picnic

From $14
123 Ludlow St. 
b/t Rivington and Delancey

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