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This website sends professional chefs to your door

  • 07 May 2012

When you find yourself couch surfing, you're either broke, or you're Jeremy Lin.

When you’re not broke, and whether you're Jeremy Lin or not, there’s

Conceived by a coterie of web entrepreneurs/die-hard foodies, KitchenSurfing connects off-duty cuisiniers with hungry homeowners looking to chow down and play host.

How it works: pro- and pro-am chefs make their services available for house calls. Anyone looking to host a dinner party, cooking class, or just a worry-free meal at home opens up their kitchen. Everybody wins.

KitchenSurfing’s stable of chefs runs the gamut – from a culinary school vet out of Rachel Ray’s test kitchen, to a trio of Italian connoisseurs captained by a former member of the David Chang empire – and options include various ethnic cuisines, gluten-free dishes, and even craft cocktails. Rates are by the hour and include ingredients, prep, and clean-up.

KitchenSurfing isn’t open to the public yet, except for InsideHook readers, who can join now to get in on the action early.

The KitchenSurfing crew also hosts weekly guest-cheffed events in their culinary center – but beware, the kitchen’s no place for someone who can’t take the Heat. The Knicks and Jeremy Lin can tell you all about that.

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